LOZICS Offers Truck Management Solutions Online

May 30 03:28 2023
LOZICS, a result-oriented transport and logistics cloud software, provides truck management solutions.

With effective digital-focused tools for various operations, businesses with several tasks to attend to can save time and resources. LOZICS is a cloud-based logistics and transport software focused on helping logistics and transport companies with their operations through highly efficient solutions. The cloud-based software was developed and is owned by BNG Infotech Private Limited, an innovation-focused company. BNG Infotech Private Limited’s solutions were developed via years of research and the skills of domain experts. Their goal is to help businesses with their plan for digitization. Thus, their transport and logistics software can be used in enterprises involving transport agencies, retail/parchoon load, full truckload, bulk carriers, fleet owners, automobile carriers, container load, and cargo & courier.

In response to a query about its solutions, the spokesperson of LOZICS commented, “LOZICs has all the tools you need to safely and seamlessly handle various operations. Our software provides companies with features and modules that help increase their productivity. We recognize that in this time and age, companies need solutions that can help them serve their customers and clients better. LOZICS is owned by BNG Infotech Private Limited, a distinguished establishment dedicated and passionate about developing cost-effective solutions for transport, logistics, and fleet management procedures. Through the cloud-based transport and logistics software, they have assisted numerous companies with digitizing their operations.”

LOZICS has features that offer users the solutions they need to stay ahead in the industry. There are also various modules on it. Thus, they can select whichever modules they want to apply for their operations. For instance, its transport management system (TMS) is provided for companies that want to control pilferages via checks & balances, improve business capabilities, streamline business procedures, and maximize profits. Also, its transport operation module helps with orders, bookings, transshipment, and delivery. This is why the web-based software was made – to help companies handle their vital tasks seamlessly. Therefore, those who want to buy truck management software can try LOZICS for their operations.

The spokesperson added, “Our transport management system provides solutions for contract management, order management, lorry placement, pickup/local collection, and waybill. We can boldly say that we have over 200 customers in exclusive Full Truck (FTL) businesses using LOZICS. The software also has a truck management feature. Through its logistics management system, it also manages revenue accounting efficiently. The software helps generate truck forwarding note for taking load on third party consignment, billing and GST accounting for truck forwarding note, GPS-Vehicle tracking integrated in consignment tracking, and income accounting from truck forwarding note. Others include connect own generated consignment in trip process, and reduce data processing cost by integrating FASTag, petrol, & payment cards.”

LOZICS can be used to manage numerous transport operations. Those that want to use logistics cloud software can consider using the web-based software.


LOZICS is a trusted logistics and transport management software. Those that want to get logistic software can try LOZICS’ solutions.

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