MKE Sub-chain Developed with XMR as the Core Technology Will Play A Greater Role In Future Trade and Digital Economy

February 04 00:28 2020

The current blockchain technology is leading a new round of global change, which plays an indispensable role in promoting the change. Blockchain, as the basic technology of application layer based on Internet, is bound to accelerate the “information application layer” of Internet to “value application layer” of Internet.

After 12 years of development and iteration, blockchain technology is not simply limited to peer-to-peer e-cash transaction applications. With the rapid development of global communication technology and global industry digitalization, blockchain technology is also undergoing continuous iterative updates. The data encryption layer, data application layer, data expansion layer, data transmission layer, data storage layer and inter operation of different data has been also maturing. I think under the current development speed of blockchain technology, the physical layer application scenario of blockchain technology will achieve substantial progress in 2020.

With the development of blockchain technology, its role in the field of digital economy will become more and more prominent. The sub-chain technology has an obvious hierarchical structure, which has an independent sub-chain independent architecture without affecting the main-chain. This architecture will play an important role in the future complex digital economy. I believe that blockchain sub-chain technology will have more application scenarios under the condition that blockchain technology changes from simple currency attribute to complex application attribute.

Trade is the basic carrier of goods circulation and currency circulation. From the perspective of social development, trade promotes the development of the whole society and the rise of the global economy. In the era of information internet, cross-border trade provides unimpeded information flow for different countries and regions and greatly promotes international trade, especially the information exchange of B to B. However, in the era of information internet, knowledge and information sharing is the only way to achieve the transformation of information, logistics and capital. This results in the rapid growth of international trade in the era of the information internet and the high cost of its services, which constitutes a high threshold for cross-border trade between small and medium-sized enterprises. These are necessary for the two sides of cross-border trade are different places and lack of trust.

The MKE sub-chain technology developed with XMR as the core technology brings a new solution to this dilemma, that is, from the traditional Internet information sharing to the decentralized trusted value sharing. Firstly, the distributed technology of blockchain provides the tamper proof transaction record without the guarantee of the third-party intermediary, which provides the greatest guarantee for the data security and authenticity of both sides of the trade. Secondly, the tamper proof technology based on blockchain provides the problem of trade supply distrust in the process of trade transaction. MKE sub-chain technology developed with XMR as the core technology inherits the core privacy attribute ofXMR in terms of privacy, and provides important support for the privacy of both trade parties.

At this stage of the transformation of blockchain technology to application, blockchain technology will play a more important role in trade, especially in cross-border trade. MKE technology team believes that after the further development of blockchain technology, the application of blockchain technology among global trade will play a greater role, and MKE sub-chain technology will create more application scenarios for global cross-border trade and infinite space.

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