Building a future encrypted digital economy and society, HGBT’s decentralized democratic community has pointed the way

February 03 19:32 2020

Today, the convergence of cutting-edge technologies such as block chain technology, big data and artificial intelligence is no longer novel. In recent years, everyone has paid attention to Higgs Boson, which uses the principle of quantum black hole technology, and HGBT, which brings the block chain democratic mechanism to the extreme. The most interesting thing is that HGBT builds a complete digital economy service ecosystem based on digital assets.

Digital asset status

Block chain technology can promote humans to build a real value Internet. For more than ten years, the blockchain has continuously broadened the boundaries of applications, refreshing people’s understanding of this emerging technology again and again, but the general public is most interested in digital currencies.

With the increase in the types of digital assets, the difficulty of management has gradually increased. It is difficult to effectively guarantee whether it is security, privacy, and convenience. The problem arises because of the disadvantages of traditional centralized financial markets. Digital asset platforms lack effective collaboration with each other, and it is difficult for the digital asset market to form a one-stop solution.

In this context, the creation of a decentralized democratic community has become the general consensus of the industry, and the birth of HGBT has brought a glimmer of light to the industry.

Higgs Boson with mysterious founding node

HGBT is a particle principle intelligent technology and product. HGBT relies on Higgs Boson to build a block chain ecosystem.

Initially, Higgs Boson was a creative message in the deep web world, but it attracted the attention and automatic execution of anonymous people. Today, Higgs Boson has been built into a public block chain protocol with 21 anonymous genesis nodes and gradually developed in stages, which can use the block chain for authentication, management, data learning and application development of intelligent social management.

Higgs Boson has been mysterious since its birth, and it has attracted a lot of attention from the industry. Higgs Boson proposed a privacy protection method for cross-chain transactions based on the quantum black hole principle algorithm. It does not belong to any individual or organization, but belongs to all human beings who want anonymity and individual freedom.

As the core of Higgs Boson, HGBT has brought more confidence to the industry.

Decentralization of HGBT

HGBT is a Higgs Boson democratized application platform, which aims to provide a scalable and resilient blockchain. HGBT supports digital asset transactions, data access, and process control through a hierarchical democratized structure.

In HGBT’s architecture, end-to-end encryption, quantum black hole hiding, democratic voting decision-making, biometrics, mobile LBS, cross-chain technology and other technical features have received extensive attention. The entire platform provides Turing’s complete programmable capabilities through smart contracts, supporting a wide variety of application scenarios.

At present, HGBT is building a decentralized democratic community, digitizing each user’s information, and performing encryption protection. At the same time, HGBT uses digital assets as its core to create a complete service ecosystem. It launches a truly decentralized exchange with built-in native encrypted digital currencies that can be used for on-chain transactions, settlement, and smart contract performance.

Therefore, HGBT has realized the organic unification of digital assets, digital identities, and digital societies, and will definitely become an important force in the construction of a digital economy and society. Of course, people have more imagination about the possibility of HGBT. In the future, people expect HGBT to work with users all over the world to create a globally shared, democratic co-governance, and secure decentralized democratic community organization on the chain.

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