OUACCTV’s “Box Office Boost” App: A Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Tool for Film Companies

May 16 04:48 2023

OUACCTV FILM MEDIA CO., LTD, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, is a company specializing in film marketing. The company is dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions for film production companies. Recently, the Box Office Boost App, under NSAXTV, introduced a brand-new Web3.0 film marketing model aimed at achieving a win-win situation for film production companies, users, and the platform.

US MSB Website: www.fincen.gov

As an innovative film marketing company, OUACCTV’s mission is to provide comprehensive marketing support for film production companies, enhancing the global visibility and reputation of their films and consequently boosting box office revenue. To fulfill this mission, OUACCTV focuses on integrating emerging technologies and digital marketing methods, introducing a series of innovative marketing models, including the multi-win Web3.0 film marketing innovation model.

In this model, regular users can write positive reviews on major film review websites based on the needs of film production companies. These reviews aim to improve the reputation of the films, influencing the number of screenings and box office performance in cinemas. In return, users receive marketing commissions. Film production companies, in turn, compensate these users with corresponding commissions, making them a part of the profit distribution process. The platform, through its developed cloud-based system called “Intelligent Cloud Calculation,” automatically assists users in registering accounts for cinema ticketing platforms, third-party ticketing platforms, and streaming media platforms during the registration process. The system then automatically matches the films in need of box office boost. Users simply need to register on the platform, which enables them to conveniently place orders for tickets, leave comments, and perform other functions, all from the comfort of their homes, while earning additional income.

In addition to providing income for users, this model offers numerous advantages for film production companies. Firstly, film production companies gain better insights into the market response to their films. User feedback and reviews help them understand the quality, popularity, and audience response to their films, facilitating subsequent marketing decisions. Secondly, this model helps improve the reputation of films. Through positive user reviews and influential spread, film production companies can enhance the reputation and impact of their films, leading to better box office revenue. Lastly, this model allows film production companies to reduce marketing costs. Compared to traditional marketing methods, this Web3.0-based film marketing innovation model is more efficient and cost-effective, enabling significant savings in marketing expenses for film production companies.

OUACCTV recently obtained the Money Services Business (MSB) license from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), an important regulatory measure by the US government in the financial industry. This achievement signifies that OUACCTV has met the highest global compliance standards and will further expand its international presence in the film marketing business.

Through innovative film marketing models and technological means, OUACCTV provides comprehensive marketing support to film production companies, assisting films in gaining greater visibility and reputation in the global market. This, in turn, leads to increased box office revenue and enhanced commercial value. The MSB license acquired by the Box Office Boost App, under OUACCTV, further demonstrates its compliance strength and international competitiveness in the digital marketing industry.

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