Elevating the detailing businesses, Titan Coatings now launches partnership operations in the USA

May 05 19:20 2023
Titan Coatings is a renowned player in the vehicle coating industry with revolutionary products. Titan Coatings has researched and developed out-of-the-world products that bring an ever-lasting shine to vehicles of all types.

Seattle, USA – Here to set the detailing businesses apart from the competitors, Titan Coatings brings something that will change the detailing industry. Titan Coatings has successfully developed some of the industry-leading car detailing Elastomers that offer a high-tech and user-friendly alternative to obsolete ceramic coatings. These Elastomers have been tested for all vehicles including cars, sports cars, airplanes, boats, bikes, trucks, and anything in need of outer layer protection. Titan Coatings plans to help vehicular detailing businesses expand their horizons through their advanced elastomer product line up.

Under this new expansion and collaboration venture, Titan Coatings aims to improve the car detailing industry all over the USA. Titan Coatings is open to working with detailers and is ready to supply the flagship products to the partners. These products include Zeus, Triton, Firebird, Vulcan, Pyro, and more.

The company is dedicated to introducing Elastomer products to partner businesses all over the USA. With this collaboration, the partner businesses can serve a greater number of clients and provide them with amazing products for their vehicles.

What sets apart the Elastomers by Titan Coatings, is the revolutionary Dark Matter technology. It is the world’s first carbon nanotube that provides a high-performance surface treatment to vehicles including cars, boats, airplanes, and other vehicles. This technology adds a greater thickness to the micro level. The Dark Matter technology allows the coatings to be more flexible, and long-lasting as compared with any other product in the market.

The Elastomer coatings provided by Titan Coatings also offer a self-healing and self-levelling properties. Any minor scratches and imperfections are corrected through heat application. Furthermore, these products can safely be used on PPF films, including self-healing ones which will protect and enhance PPF properties for longer lasting results. In addition to that, some of the coatings have a long life of more than 10 years.

One of the representatives at Titan Coatings said: “Our Elastomers are not just protective and long-lasting, they are also designed to exceed expectations and be the most reliable alternatives to obsolete coatings. As a leading Elastomer provider in over 30 countries, we continuously research, adapt, and test our products to ensure they have exceptional capabilities and state-of-the-art durability.”

About Titan Coatings:

Titan Coatings is a leading name in the car detailing industry having developed some of the most revolutionary Elastomers. Titan Coatings provides Elastomers that elevate the looks and enhance the aesthetics of vehicles.

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