UMind Mirror, a tiny device worn on forehead that can help people focus, meditate, and sleep better, hits Kickstarter

March 31 08:32 2023

Everybody says sleeping is a dynamic process in the brain, and monitoring and controlling it with reference to EEG (electroencephalography) data is the most scientifically effective technique. UMind Mirror, a wearable BCI (brain-computer interface) gadget that captures EEG data from users in a variety of scenarios including sleep, meditation, entertainment, and more, is available on Kickstarter today.

The device, which weighs only 5.2g, can read users’ brainwaves and generate a series of visual reports to help users better understand their brain activity. Additionally, there are corresponding solutions to help users enhance their focus and performance.

Most importantly, UMind Mirror is said to be able to assist users in managing their sleep health. In this case, it provides a closed-loop sleep monitoring, analysis, and improvement software solutions for the users including real-time monitoring of the user’s EEG data during sleep, detailed sleep reports and professional sleep aid measures.

Also, customers may use this product throughout prolonged meditation sessions and get meditation assistance and reports to achieve more efficient meditation, a better knowledge of the success of their meditation practice, and to make each session more meaningful. 

The device also features gamification methods in the app, including focus training, relaxation training, and cognitive training. Through gameplay, users may enhance mental performance while watching their real-time EEG data and get graphical brain training while resting.

To promote further development in the field of neuroscience, UMind Mirror is also willing to open up its raw data for more developers to research and develop more interesting products, promoting the development of BCI and the future of neuroscience.

“We are excited to launch the UMind Mirror and provide individuals with a powerful tool to enhance their mental wellness,” said the CEO of UMind Mirror, He Chao. “Our device combines cutting-edge technology with personalized insights and focused performance to help users achieve their cognitive goals.”

The UMind Mirror is available for purchase on Kickstarter, with early bird price starting from $239 and expected shipping in May.

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