Spacecraft builds the innovative Web3.0 GameFi aggregation ecosystem.

March 31 08:04 2023

GameFi is a new game form that combines blockchain and game. It provides a more secure, transparent and credible way to trade and manage virtual assets in games through the decentralized feature of blockchain. GameFi has gradually become one of the popular applications in the blockchain field, and it has received more and more attention from game players and developers.

Spacecraft GameFi is based on blockchain technology. Web3.0 as the direction of spacecraft sports competition, Metaverse and GameFi ecology, collects GAME-FI integrating spacecraft competition, spacecraft quiz, mining machine mining game, spacecraft NFT, and DAO organization community. It is a PlaytoEarnNFT game platform in which you can play games for free and earn USDT or PICTURE(PT) while playing games.

Spacecraft GameFi is a web3.0 GameFi eco-empowerment platform encapsulating natures of fun, gaming, challenging and rewarding. Players can experience gaming while immersing themselves in the thrill of gaming in the upgrade process and can reward digital asset mining distribution! Spaceship GameFi is the players through the team competition form to participate in the game, a group of five people full of people to open, 5 minutes a round of the game, the top five can get different asset rewards and the opportunity to draw blind box! Players can invest in the game to buy virtual blind boxes, which greatly increases the enthusiasm to the game, creates the market buzz of space games, and also promotes the positive cycle development of the platform aggregation ecology!

Spacecrafts GameFi has a strong background, co-created by China Hong Kong Technology and PICTURE Foundation. Deep strategic cooperation is reached by Singapore’s halo laboratory to provide technical support, and jointly embark on the road of developing spacecraft GameFi. This cooperation is also the SHUTTLE CHAIN TOUR combination of entertainment, beauty, morality, and labor, which is an important start to enter the global market.

And SHUTTLE CHAIN TOUR is a pure and clear entertainment game, letting you know clearly win and lose, guaranteeing players fairness of the game and rights to the greatest extent! The most important point of the GameFi is the economic model of the game. A good model can make the game gone viral quickly and produce money-making effects, and at the same time it can determine the life cycle of the game! The charm of Spacecraft GameFi tells us a truth that a good game mechanism design with enough decentralized loyal game players can receive a result of the continuous driving force of the game.

Spacecraft GameFi is the legend of 2023 GameFi field, grasps the trend of the times to share wealth together!

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