Goldex Token is making rapid progress towards becoming 1 USDT

March 30 10:12 2023
Shortly after announcing its 2023 targets, Goldex Token declared its independence from the market and added value to its worth, starting a rapid rally!

After launching its Alltoscan project and roadmap at the beginning of this year, Goldex Token’s price rose rapidly from $0.04 to the $0.20 band, making a 5x gain. Shortly after being released, Goldex Token broke the $0.70 barrier and managed to make its investors happy despite unfavorable market conditions. Goldex Token, which many large companies, including MarketWatch and Benzinga, have been talking about lately, seems to be the shining star of 2023, and rumors that the team is preparing to be listed on major exchanges after its latest rally have made headlines in the global media.

Alltoscan is one of the main players in the Goldex Token ecosystem. In addition to providing WEB3 Multi-Chain Blockchain Explorer services, it has announced that it will work on making GLDX more valuable and priced by integrating its Swap page into its system this year, helping to expand GLDX’s visibility and usability by paying commission fees and cross-network transfer fees with GLDX. As is known, when making transfers via Binance Smart Chain, you have to pay in BNB, and when making transfers via ERC20, you have to pay in Ethereum.

Alltoscan is now putting an end to this confusion! To take advantage of time-saving for users and eliminate the need for different cryptocurrencies during active transactions, Alltoscan will use Goldex Token belonging to its ecosystem. Goldex Token can currently be easily purchased from the GoldexPlus platform, and the company also offers annual stake advantages of up to 48% for its users within the GoldexPlus platform.

With its limited circulation supply of 5 million in 2023, Goldex Token has become everyone’s favorite, and the project that has made a 5x gain in a short period of time will soon be one of the most talked-about crypto projects.

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