Creative Biolabs Supports Several Different Cancer-Related Therapies and Services

March 08 21:48 2023
As a close follower and active participant in the development of effective therapies for major diseases, Creative Biolabs has been providing several novel and classical cancer-related therapeutic services and products such as ADC toxins, vaccine-related therapeutic services, and antibody assays during its long years of research and development practice.

New York, USA – March 8, 2023 – “Cancer is one of the major diseases that imperil people’s health. Creative Biolabs has been bending itself to provide service to boost cancer therapeutics development,” stated a specialist at Creative Biolabs.


Creative Biolabs offers customized solutions to support the studies involving ADC-an antibody-based drug that works by targeting critical intracellular pathways and inducing cell death so as to achieve therapeutic efficacy far exceeding that of chemotherapeutic agents. In addition to diverse service programs, Creative Biolabs also prepared necessary research reagents including ADC toxins with over 145 items in stock covering potent toxins and toxin derivatives.

mRNA Therapeutics

Recently, mRNA-based therapeutics have gradually become a research hotspot. Creative Biolabs delves into all areas of mRNA projects and has generated a one-stop mRNA platform integrating high-quality mRNA synthesis from mRNA therapeutic development to its commercialization, involving the design and production of mRNA molecules, mRNA formulation and delivery, mRNA immunogenicity assessment, and many other services.

Additionally, Creative Biolabs supports a range of safety and efficacy assessment services for mRNA therapeutics, which are beneficial to reduce the cost and increase the success rate of drug development. The scope of therapeutic areas that Creative Biolabs can accommodate includes immunotherapy, gene therapy, protein replacement therapy, etc.

Proteolysis Targeting Chimera (PROTAC)

“In contrast to traditional therapeutic approaches, PROTAC utilizes proteasome-mediated proteolysis via E3 ligase and engages the body’s housekeeping protein degradation system to selectively degrade the pathogenic proteins.”

Deeply engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, Creative Biolabs is committed to establishing a one-stop platform for PROTAC molecular drug discovery that launches with PROTAC designs to determine PROTAC target protein and the ligand and encompasses further critical procedures including ligand screening, linker optimization, and peptide and compound synthesis. In this way, a highly efficient PROTAC molecule with a high degree of degradation selectivity is made available to clients.

Virus-Antibody Services

Deeply involved in recombinant antibody discovery and manufacture, Creative Biolabs specifically supports the sector of virology, virus antibody products, neutralizing antibody development services, and virus neutralization assays such as ELISA-based receptor-binding inhibition assay, FC-based receptor-binding inhibition assay, and pseudovirus neutralization assay.

The specialist added, “We serving as a developer in the virus antibody research can guarantee the detailed virus-antibody assay services for clients to get satisfying results.”

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About Creative Biolabs

With leading-edge technology and years of biomedical experience, Creative Biolabs concentrates more on providing comprehensive cancer therapeutic services, from consultation of relevant information to implementation of services. Despite the challenges, the development and delivery of drugs for major diseases remain the focus of Creative Biolabs’ work, which is committed to further development in cancer therapy.

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