Zhongguancun Fuzai appeared in New York Times Square to send “blessing” to Chinese people around the world.

January 21 19:00 2023


On Lunar New Year’s Eve, a New Year’s greeting advertisement “Send Blessing” filmed and produced by Zhongguancun Fuzai (Guangdong) Brand Management Co., Ltd. appeared on the NASDAQ display screen of New York Times Square, greeting Chinese people around the world a blessing of the New Year.


Zhongguancun Fuzai (Guangdong) Brand Management Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating cultural communication and related industries, focusing on China’s traditional blessing culture, auspicious culture and Yanhuang culture with the most local flavor of China, and is committed to combining China’s traditional historical humanities and representative classic blessing cultural resources with the needs of the current era and the upsurge of global cultural exchange. Zhongguancun Fuzai uses modern media technology and scientific and technological means to make the traditional “blessing” culture in China, which has a history of thousands of years, pass on from generation to generation, and develop with new vitality in the harmonious and prosperous times. Zhongguancun Fuzai has made every effort to build Fuzai IP, and applied Fuzai IP to various industries such as clothing, shoes and hats, food and toys.


Xu Tianfu, chairman of Zhongguancun Fuzai, said in an interview that Blessing culture, also known as Chinese blessing culture or China blessing culture, is a folk culture originating from China and covers a wide range. With the changes and development of China’s historical civilization for thousands of years, blessing culture has mixed into people’s lives, reflecting the life concept and values of the whole Chinese.

Wang Shousong, Director-General of the European Union’s Cultural Department, said that he was very touched when he saw the advertisement of sending blessings to New Year in Times Square in New York because he had a strong memory of the word “blessing” since he was a child. Blessing culture has a long history, coexisting with the Chinese and keeping pace with its development. It is the genetic culture of the Chinese. Blessing culture is the spiritual sustenance of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, which is recognized and respected by every Chinese. It is the most powerful cultural link to maintain brotherhood among all ethnic groups, unite all walks of life and promote the continuous development of the Chinese. Blessing culture is endless, and its connotation is constantly enriched and expanded. It has penetrated into people’s production, life, thoughts and other aspects, surpassing the categories of nationality, religion, society, region, time and space. It can be said that blessing culture is the core culture of the national mainstream, the pearl of national culture, the root of national culture and the precious intangible cultural heritage of the world, which has the farthest and widest influence on the Chinese. No matter where they are, the blessing culture is rooted in every Chinese heart, and the blessing culture protects every Chinese.

The New Year’s greeting advertisement “Send Blessings” appeared on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, and sent Chinese New Year’s greetings to the global Chinese, with the purpose of pinning a common wish of Chinese people, that is, looking forward to the arrival of blessings. The word “blessing” has pinned people’s yearning for a happy life and a wish for a better future. This new year’s greeting “Send Blessing” has concretized the form and content of blessings. The meaning of happiness in China culture is not material satisfaction, but mainly spiritual satisfaction and the pursuit of a better life. “Blessing” will become an eternal theme in human history. “Fuzai” brand will also be another goal for people to pursue consumption.

Li Shuanghan, general manager of Zhongguancun Fuzai (Guangdong) Brand Management Co., Ltd. said that the ideological connotation of blessing culture has given new vitality in the social changes and development, reflecting the contemporary significance and value of Chinese excellent traditional culture. The brand “Fuzai” is a manifestation of the cognition and dissemination of traditional culture, which can better reflect the characteristics of the times of traditional culture and show its cultural charm and value of promoting the harmonious and civilized development of the whole nation in the new era. This is because the blessing culture has universal significance. Among traditional cultural IP, blessing cultural IP can best cross the gap between nationalities and cultures and is recognized by the public.

Xiang Yuzhang, president of Huaxia Culture Promotion Association, was very emotional after seeing Fuzai’s New Year’s greeting advertisement. He said: “blessing culture IP is an eternal bright spot and one of the important elements in the innovation and development of contemporary cultural and creative industries. A valuable blessing IP must have a unique and distinctive cultural connotation, and rely on a platform for social display and communication to form a geographical and symbolic auspicious symbol with uniqueness and specificity in a specific region and field. The valuable derivatives of blessing culture IP will not only be loved by consumers but also convey the cultural values of positive energy. “

Fang Zhenlong, executive chairman of the Global Chinese United General Chamber of Commerce, called to emphasize that the advertisement of “Send Blessing” broadcast in Times Square, New York, USA, had China characteristics and was praised by Chinese all over the world. He suggested that the historical origin and humanistic materials of regional blessing culture should be thoroughly explored and sorted out, and the blessing cultural symbols with regional characteristics and connotations should be designed and shaped to form a specific blessing cultural IP, so as to build a business card with blessing cultural characteristics and a highlight of cultural tourism in a city or scenic spot.

Ma Mingwei, a Cantonese Chinese living in the United States, proposed the industrial integration development model of “blessing culture+Internet plus cultural creativity” to Fuzai Brand Management Company. He said to build a new format of blessing culture and creativity with China characteristics and a unique and valuable blessing culture industrial chain; Through cross-border and cross-industry three-dimensional development, blessing culture IP will be integrated with various industries to form a fan economy that integrates cross-border development; Finally, the consumption of cultural tourism and cultural and creative industries will be upgraded, which will drive the synchronous development of regional economy and culture.

It is reported that Zhongguancun Fuzai (Guangdong) Brand Management Co., Ltd. will enhance the awareness of Fuzai cultural industry, increase investment in Fuzai cultural industry, enhance the connotation of Fuzai cultural industry, expand the field of Fuzai cultural industry, set up a special committee for blessing culture, set up a think tank for blessing cultural industry, develop a comprehensive management service platform for big data of blessing cultural industry, and build a special square for blessing cultural industry, promoting the “Fuzai IP” in the excellent traditional culture “blessing” culture to a new height.

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