Dawna Campbell on the Cover of the “Best Holistic Life Magazine”

December 23 22:21 2022
The “Mind Whisperer,” Dawna Campbell, graces the cover with her featured article “She Who Makes the Gold Rules the Bedroom”.

Bigfork, MT, USA – December 23, 2022 – Dawna Campbell, known as “The Mind Whisperer”, is pictured on the December cover of the “Best Holistic Life Magazine” along with her featured article, “She Who Makes the Gold Rules the Bedroom”. The entire magazine is available to view online at https://www.bestholisticlife.com.

Campbell is a regular monthly contributor to “Best Holistic Life Magazine”, writing on the topics of money and finance, healing, the subconscious creation of money, abundance, and prosperity. Her photo, along with her featured article are on the cover of the issue released on December 1, 2022. The magazine and editor, and other contributors in this month’s issue were showcased at the Ultimate Wealth Camp in Las Vegas earlier this month with Bill Walsh of Powerteam International.

In Campbell’s article, “”She Who Makes the Gold Rules the Bedroom,” she writes about money, scx, and power and the dynamic of relationships between partners. Old traditional roles around money and partnerships have been disappearing and redefining in our modern age, with women being the main breadwinner, but the subconscious thinking patterns of men taking care of women is still an expectation. This is where the conflict and the fight for dominance in relationships start.

Campbell shares how men and women view money differently, and in the case of same-gender partnerships, how the views are based on brain dominance. “Money and scx are so intimately connected, there is a huge influence on partnerships,” said Campbell. “Your second energy center, the sacral chakra, is your relationship to everything outside of yourself. This includes your relationship with your partners, your environment, and your money. What people don’t realize is that if there is a blockage in one of these relationships, it stops the other from flowing to you.”

To uncover the universal secrets to creating money and wealth from the subconscious, Campbell has created a 5-part series masterclass, “The Infinite Prosperity System”. The key points are understanding the emotional side of money, identifying the self-sabotaging money afterthoughts, discovering the three keys to opening prosperity doors, and how infinite prosperity relates to you and what to do to increase your abundance, money, and wealth. For your personal copy, register online at https://coachwares.com/product/infinite-prosperity-system-3-steps-to-instant-money-creation. As a bonus, Campbell offers the 5-part Masterclass complimentary when you invite two friends to receive the Infinite Prosperity System, as well as access to a global networking and mastermind community.

“I believe that we are here to make an impact in the world and create a better place – and Financially Fit does just that, explained Campbell. “It is my life’s work, and people’s lives change for the best when implemented. We are all truly meant to live an Abundant and Prosperous Life.”

About Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell is known as The Mind Whisperer, combining her past knowledge as a Financial Advisor with her wisdom of healing to transform the lives of heart centered people to increase your revenue by 25% or more consistently. Her vision is creating with a you a balanced lifestyle with more vacation time, family time, and play time. Up to 2% of the global proceeds go to feed hungry children around the world.

As an international speaker, author, and healer, Dawna Campbell empowers you to live a life of happiness, prosperity, and love. As a Healer of Healers, Dawna shares her techniques during interactive workshops and maintains an international private practice. Her personal heart-centered healing approach is to create a world that is a better place for all to live. Dawna is available for interviews and keynote speaking presentations.

Learn more about Dawna Campbell online on her website at www.dawnacampbell.com or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

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