New Year, New Career – The Nurse Coach Collective Announces an Online Program for Nurses Desiring Career Freedom and Fulfillment

December 21 17:50 2022
The company is giving registered nurses the opportunity to dive into a new and more fulfilling career path in the new year

The world is experiencing a radical change across all frontiers and sectors, leading to better ways of doing old things and translating to improved and enriched lives. The nursing career path is a sector that is not left out of this tidal wave of change, as there has been a gradual shift from diagnosis and treatment of diseases through observable symptoms and synthetic medication, respectively, to a more personalized approach that considers the health of the body, alongside that of the mind and soul. While the former type of nursing left its nurses feeling drained, dissatisfied, and desperate for more, the latter promises to revolutionize the selfless career of nursing. The Nurse Coach Collective is committed to keeping the zeal of nurses alive and fueling their passion for their entire careers.

The Nurse Coach Collective is a company that helps nurses reconnect with their purpose and enjoy an ideal nursing practice by organizing its renowned Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification program that sets nurses on the path of purpose. What can help you get the holistic nurse certification is a seven-month online course where registered nurses have the opportunity to interact with and learn from a community of nurses while being supported by a dedicated instructor, a supervised practicum, and live support calls to easily guide them through the learning journey.

The Transformative Nurse Coaching Certification Program by the Nurse Coach Collective is an avenue for registered nurses to learn how to heal their clients holistically, learn the core of lifestyle medicine, and cultivate a community while becoming a board-certified nurse health coach. The immersive learning experience is a far cry from traditional nursing training, as the program is designed based on years of research and is structured to be effective and highly flexible for nurses still in active practice.

Through this program, the nurses have the required knowledge to transform the client’s lifestyle through certain key elements such as nutrition, sleep, healthy relationships, positive environments, mindfulness, and exercise, to name a few. Furthermore, the online program affords participants the opportunity to earn two board certifications, as the high-level training and over a hundred contact hours qualify the registered nurses in the program to apply for two nationally accredited certifications, namely the Nurse Coach Board Certification and the Holistic Nurse Board Certification.

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From the very beginning, the mission of the Nurse Coach Collective has been to radically elevate the well-being of all its nurses and their patients and to challenge the status quo of healthcare. The company is able to do this by providing the most accessible and extraordinary path for registered nurses from around the world to become world-class Board Certified Nurse Coaches.

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