The 2023 Hakka Expo in Taoyuan, Taiwan exhibits Hakka’s diverse charms to the world

November 17 20:44 2022

Since the 1850s, the Hakka population has migrated in large numbers to other parts of the world; therefore, the Hakka population is widely distributed around the globe, Starting from being Hakka immigrants, then becoming the Hakkas, and then localized after a few generations. The Hakkas dare to challenge new environments. They form and unite the Hakka ethnic groups overseas across various regions and places, developing a unique local cultural appearance. In order to showcase the diverse culture of Hakka across the globe and convey the diverse charm of Hakka to the world, Taiwan will hold the “2023 Hakka Expo” in Taoyuan City from August 11 to October 15, 2023 with the theme of “Travel to Tomorrow”. The 2023 Hakka Expo, will inherit Hakka’s past, present, and future, making Taiwan a new Hakka cultural platform and having the world to discover not only the wonders and charms of Hakka people but also the beauty of Taiwan and Taoyuan City.

In order to promote the Hakka Renaissance and the inheritance of Hakka culture in Taiwan, the government has been working together to build Taiwan Route 3 as a Hakka Romantic Avenue in a national-level, integrating and developing the humanistic, ecological and industrial Hakka characteristics of each county and city. The place with the largest Hakka population in Taiwan is Taoyuan City. By hosting the Hakka Expo in 2023, Taoyuan City can fully show the diversities of Hakka and hope to transmit the innovative Taiwanese   Hakka culture, which develops under the democratic and free society in Taiwan, further to the whole world.

Speaking of Hakka, its delicacies always brings up first in our mind. Aside from the exhibitions at the 2023 Hakka Expo, visitors could also wander around the neighboring areas and take a diverse and fascinating tour of Hakka cuisines.

The main exhibition halls of the 2023 Hakka Expo are located in “Qingpu” in the Zhongli district, The exhibition venue spans from Taoyuan MRT Airport Line A17 Linghang Station to A19 Taoyuan Sports Parks Station. With romance and technology as the main themes, the two main exhibition halls, the Taiwan Pavilion and World Pavilion, are planned to incorporate interactive elements of science and technology and show the diversity of global Hakka cultures in a lively and amazing way. In addition, there are eight auxiliary exhibition halls, which include the 1895 Yiwei War Memorial Park, Yongan Conch Cultural Experience Park, Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Center and Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center, for instance. Each pavilion will launch a unique Hakka theme exhibition, which will make the world marvel l at the profound heritage of Hakka culture across the globe. Hopefully, Hakka folks at home and abroad will participate in the grand event of the 2023 Hakka Expo, and friends from different ethnic groups will know the charms and beauties of Hakka culture.

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