Former WBC Welterweight Boxing Champion Simeon Hardy launched The Coach Desk App

November 09 19:10 2022
The app helps easily find credible boxing trainers in a local area.

Staying in the best shape, both physically and mentally, is of the utmost importance for all human beings, without exception, as it impacts each aspect of our daily lives. Whether a person is a 9 to 5 corporate employee, a businessman, a supermodel, or a celebrity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to ensuring success in whatever challenge you take up. 

Boxing has risen as the best workout and cardio choice for many female celebrities and supermodels in recent years. “It builds self-confidence as much as physical strength,” says Simeon Hardy, founder of The Coach Desk App shares, a location-based smartphone/mobile app that provides on-demand hiring of coaches or personal trainers. 

Boxing provides a full-body workout equivalent or more significant to a Cardio workout and gives a fighting spirit that can help you in any part of your life. In addition, by training to improve your Boxing, you set personal growth targets that serve as a treat for your mental development. Research indicates that Boxing can even help release anxiety and depression by providing a boost of relaxation.

So how does “The Coach Desk App” help you use Boxing for your physical and mental health? Introduced by the Former WBC Welterweight Boxing Champion, “The Coach Desk App” is an all-new and growing platform for connecting with credible and highly skillful pro-trainers and boxing coaches near you. As a user, the mobile phone app allows you to view the various boxing coaches available in your area, their skills, ratings, and schedules in just a few clicks.

Getting started with The Coach Desk App is easy: 

  • Just download the app

  • Sign up

  • And connect with professional boxing coaches and trainers in your vicinity

Users can now easily, book or cancel any appointments at their desired time slots with just one click and share accurate locations and meeting venues via maps. 

And the coaches and trainers have the complete flexibility to set your competitive prices, schedule, and areas of service provision. 

“In all my experience as a former boxing champion and world-ranked middleweight fighter, the stamina and focus required for Boxing are unparalleled to any sport. Staying up on your leg and keeping your hands high despite getting hits, round after round gives you the attitude of a warrior. I recommend Boxing to everyone. It gets you in shape quickly; it mentally prepares your mind never to retreat, never surrender,” Simeon Hardy added.

About The Coach Desk App

Founded by Former WBC Welterweight Boxing Champion and World ranked middleweight contender Simeon Hardy, “The Coach Desk App” is a newly established geo-tracking smartphone app that connects certified professional trainers and coaches to its users in their nearby areas.

About the founder – Simeon Hardy

Simeon Hardy is a former WBC welterweight boxing champion with 14 wins under his belt. He is also the founder of BoxWithSimmy LLC and The Coach Desk App, businesses that were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need to link boxing coaches with prospective clients. The program was made expressly to reduce the time for both clients and trainers, reducing the amount of administrative work and obviating the need for expensive office workers.

To learn more and contact the team at The Coach Desk App, email [email protected]

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