AM ARROWMAX SES Series, the Recommended Electric Screwdrivers and DIY Repair Toolkit for Everyday Use

September 28 05:40 2022

AM ARROWMAX specializes in developing various electric screwdrivers. A series of electric screwdrivers for DIY work and repair toolkit from AM ARROWMAX provide its users with advanced features, such as adjustable torque, dual mode, OLED screen, multi-purpose bits, and long-lasting battery.  The SES series that comes in various models (SES, SES Mini, and SES PRO) cater to the needs of different users.


Adjustable Torque and Dual Mode

The SES and SES PRO Electric Screwdriver Series from AM ARROWMAX offers the adjustable torque and dual mode for all the electric screwdriver models. The adjustable torque allows the user to adjust the torque power between the high and low electric torque (0.049 Nm to 0.20 Nm). There is also a manual torque mode that allows the user to use the 3 Nm manual torque. The SES Mini has a relatively lower torque of 0.15 N.m.

The Dual Mode from SES Mini, SES and SES PRO SES Electric Screwdriver Series gives the user the option to tighten and loosen the screws with ease, with a clear marker for the forward and reverse buttons.


Special Battery with USB-C Charging

The SES and SES PRO Electric Screwdrivers are jam-packed with the 500 MAh battery to allow the user to work on tightening and loosening up to 900 screws in a single charge. It comes with the USB-C charging that requires 80 minutes for the user to give a full charge to the userr electric screwdriver. So, the user can use the electric screwdriver for various repair jobs in a single charge.

Meanwhile, the Mini SES Electric Screwdriver from AM ARROWMAX gives the user the 350 MAh battery, which is still excellent enough to perform the user’s daily repair jobs, even with only the basic features.

Circular Arc Surface Design with OLED Screen

The circular arc surface design of the SES Mini, SES ans SES PRO provide the ergonomic design for the user to use for various repair works. It has a comfortable grip to make it easier for the user to work with the electric screwdriver from various angles, causing the user no fatigue during use.

SES and SES PRO also come with the OLED screen that allows the user to check the status and various indicators from the electric screwdriver, such as battery information and torque mode. 

34 Steel Bits for Various Repair Uses

SES and SES PRO  from AM ARROWMAX come with the 34 steel bits the user can use for various repair uses. The user can use these steel bits for various types of screws in various devices, making it easier to repair smart phones, laptops, clocks, and other electronic devices that have different screws to work with. SES Mini is equipped with 28 different types of bits. This mini set also can assemble and disassemble most 3C products, laptops, four-axis unmanned machines etc., which is very suitable for people who like electronic equipment.

The steel bits have their own storage housing that allows the user to organize and store them after each use, making it easier for the user to keep them and use them again later.


Which One to Choose: SES, SES Mini, or SES PRO?

The SES Electric Screwdriver Series from AM ARROWMAX gives the user three model options, which are the Regular SES, SES Mini, and SES Pro.

The regular SES is best for everyday use, as it offers all the basic features the user will need from the electric screwdriver, with 4 torque modes available to use. SES Mini offers the user the lightweight and more basic version of the electric screwdriver, with 1 torque mode available for the user to use. The SES Pro gives the user more advanced features suitable for professional repair jobs, with 5 torque modes available in total. In summary, which one is best depends on the user’s actual needs.

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