Limo Oueslati Is Helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals Find Love

September 09 22:45 2022
Limo Oueslati is the founder of Higher Self Circle.

Higher Self Circle was established by Limo Oueslati as a consulting company for men. Through its exclusive consulting program “TDA”, it helps professionals and entrepreneurs find love without sacrificing their time.

The TDA program consists of Frame & Mindset Systems, Cold Approach Systems, Communication Systems, Online and Social Circle Systems among other key pillars that are taught to men to improve their lifestyle and love life.

So how does the program works? There are several steps that a driven man has to undergo in order to become successful in their love life.⁣⁣⁣⁣

1. Optimizing Themselves

Working on themselves will help them be more successful with ladies in the long run. This includes optimizing mentally, physically, monetarily, and so forth. One has to become the best version of themself, and more women will come their way. “After all, how do you want to attract high-quality women if you’re not a high-quality man yourself?” Limo says. 

2.  Learning The Proper Systems

To become great with women and extremely desirable as a man, one must learn the right attitude, frame, practices, behaviors, skill set, techniques, and approaches. To properly comprehend and absorb social dynamics, successful seducers spend years studying, compiling, testing and perfecting this craft.

3.  Becoming Part Of A Powerful Network

The third element is that one requires a mastermind, a network, and a brotherhood. The greatest risk facing men as they transition from childhood to adulthood is not smoking, doing drugs, or being overweight. The absence of solid bonds with other Masculine High-Value Men is the cause. As the famous adage says “Your network is your net worth”, Limo always says that “You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. One would quickly turn into a playboy if they were surrounded by other playboys.

Through his mastermind group called The Circle, he allows his clients to make connections with other like-minded men who are on the same path and are looking to become the highest version of themselves. This further enhances their drive and determination, broadens their knowledge and most significantly, it will dramatically improve their outcomes in life. Nowadays, It’s hard to find like-minded men that are on the same wavelength. The Circle Mastermind was founded in order to enable mutually beneficial relationships between its members. 

“Many people enquire as to how we have created such powerful transformations for our clients. We first spent a few weeks working on their mindset, frame, and character which eventually leads to a change in behaviors and attitude. We showed them what’s possible and opened them up to a totally new perception of reality and success with women. Then we provided them with proven systems & practices in order to have an abundant love life. Lastly, we provided constant feedback, support, and accountability regarding their performance. When you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it, AND you have the accountability to do it, success is the only outcome” said Limo Oueslati.⁣⁣

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About Higher Self Circle.

Limo Oueslati founded Higher Self Circle in order to help businesspeople and professionals transform their love lives. They operate as a consultancy firm that only serves male clients. For a man to succeed with women, the company offers assistance with key systems and practices as well as a powerful community.

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