Popular Artist Kemal Uruk Released Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Cover) With Amazing Lap Steel Solo

August 10 01:20 2022
Kemal Urk is a NY based producer, guitarist, and singer.

Kemal Uruk is a NY-based guitarist, singer, and producer. He has a music channel where he does originals and covers on YouTube. The singer and producer announced the launch of a new song, Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Cover) With Amazing Lap Steel Solo.

Kemal is a multi-instrumentalist and he has been much inspired by the 80s music and soundscape. This is evident in the music he creates for his music channel on YouTube. The music channel on YouTube that Kemal runs, boasts some of the most amazing covers of popular songs that he feels connected with. This includes his latest release, Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Cover) With Amazing Lap Steel Solo. There are several original songs as well. Kemal has performed each of the songs and produced them as well.

Due to the fantastic work that he has been doing on the music channel, many original artists have reached out to talented singers on social media platforms. He has even received immense praise for the kind of music he has done on the YouTube channel.

The singer has tens of thousands of followers on different social media platforms like Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. 

He recently collaborated with Brøder, a pair of French DJ brothers known for their hits ‘Mood’ and ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams.’ The hard-hitting dance track ‘Ocean Drive’ (originally by British DJ Duke Dumont) has an impressive 3 million streams on Spotify.

“One of my favorite covers I have done is the Rocky 4 soundtrack ‘Burning Heart’ by Survivor. This was released in 2020,” said Kemal.

To learn more, follow Kemal Uruk on popular social media platforms: https://solo.to/kemaluruk

Listen to Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Cover) With Amazing Lap Steel Solo on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V576zmcGcFw

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