Harlem-raised BVU Senior Receives Widespread Recognition and Respect for Earning Multiple Scholarships

May 16 16:45 2022
The member of BVU Class of 2022 leaves everyone astonished due to achieving 13 scholarships in a row.

Buena Vista University proudly announces the accomplishments of its senior member of class 2022, Javier Sarmiento. Javier Sarmiento from Harlem has an inspiring, newsworthy story of earning 13 scholarships in a row, leaving everyone surprised. Javier Sarmiento, also known as Jr. is a proud graduate of Guttman Community College with a self-reliant and determined nature. He graduated from Central Park East High School in Harlem in 2016, and, later his determination made him an award-winning journalist, a compassionate writer, a fanatic basketball lover, and a successful social justice advocate. By striving to achieve his goals and staying on top, he has been able to earn 13 scholarships, setting a new record for other students.

Seeing a degree associated with Sarmiento’s name is a joyous event for his family as he was the first to graduate among all family members. Having browsed several other universities, Sarmiento found that Buena Vista University had something interesting and different to offer that attracted him to become a part of it. At BVU, he enrolled in several courses concerning writing, which helped him polish his skills to the fullest extent. 

Through the use of his sharpened writing ability, he applied for scholarship opportunities, winning select awards, including some at $500 levels and others up to $2,000. With the aid of the 13 scholarships, he sought out, he was able to graduate debt-free with $13,000 in total. Javier Sarmiento, despite the setbacks and getting turned down by many universities for scholarships, never gave up and pursued his dreams with tenacity, grit, and discipline.

“Anything is possible through the grace of God,” he says with a confident nod. “If I can do it, so can others. Never give up on your dreams.”

His career is not only confined to winning 13 scholarships or a LinkedIn profile that’s a loud ‘wow’ rather he also serves as the Opinion Editor and Staff Writer for his college student newspaper. In addition, he is a member of the National Association for Black Journalists, the National Association for Hispanic Journalists, and the Society for Professional Journalists. His motivation is to succeed because of his desire to ‘give voice to family and community’, while providing a quality of life to people in his hometown of Harlem. He strives hard to achieve his goal of becoming a strong journalist whose work will help put a focus on social justice reform.

It is inspiring to read Javier Sarmiento’s life story, particularly if someone is seeking a career path. In spite of hardships and failures along the way, he instructs his fellows not to give up and to persevere until the end.

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