JASMINER launches the strongest mining rig X4-Q

May 14 04:00 2022

Last month, JASMINER, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-throughput crypto mining equipment, released a new high-throughput server, the X4-Q. The device has the best power efficiency of all the models released by the company. According to experts, the new JASMINER X4-Q will be the most powerful crypto mining rig in the new market.

According to JASMINER’s official website www.jasminer.com, the new JASMINER X4-Q is designed with 18 high-throughput memory and computing integrated chip technology, which is faster and consumes less energy. It has a hash power of 1040MH/s±10% and a power consumption of 480w±10%, with a power consumption ratio as low as 0.46±10% J/MH.

It is reported that JASMINER X4-Q adopts the latest cooling technology, which can reduce heat, power consumption and noise, and prolong the service life of the rig. The server has a dual-fan cooling and noise reduction system, which is used to dissipate the heat of the equipment and reduce the noise level to below 40dB. It can be placed in a family room or an IDC room.

JASMINER has been focusing on efficient and energy-saving mining. The JASMINER X4 chip is the result of two years of further innovation and optimization of the core chip architecture by the JASMINER R&D team. With the upgraded high-throughput chip architecture and more flexible and expandable structural design, JASMINER X4-Q can better meet the mining needs of various application scenarios, and provide users with a product experience with higher hash power, lower power consumption, and lower noise.

The JASMINER X4-Q has now made a brand new appearance around the world. Among the special encryption mining devices that JASMINER currently provided as ASIC, X4-Q’s mining capacity is the strongest, and it is expected to become one of the most energy-saving models in the company’s history.


JASMINER is an encryption technology company focusing on ASIC high-throughput computing chip design, chip research and development, computing equipment production and software services. JASMINER has extensive experience in chip design and high-end product production in the field of cryptographic ASIC, and the company’s vision is “Making Trust More Simple”. In 2021, JASMINER released and mass-produced the X4, the world’s first high-throughput computing chip with integrated storage and computing. In the same year, JASMINER released JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server and JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U/1U-C server, providing computing equipment with high throughput, high hash rate and low power consumption for the cryptocurrency mining industry. In 2022, JASMINER released the high-throughput quiet server X4-Q, which will further bring efficient, energy-saving and quiet mining experience to global users.

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