KaraStar 2.0 unveils a new journey from “Play to Earn” to “Play & Earn”

May 10 18:56 2022
This Metaverse game empowers creators to build an ecosystem that is one of the kind and long-lasting.

Singapore – Karastar Technology Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based blockchain game company, announced the launch of a unique play-to-earn game called KaraStar. This is the first Play-to-earn game released by the company and is based on the BSC chain. This Metaverse game empowers creators to build an ecosystem that is one of the kind and long-lasting.

“We are delighted to launch our flagship play to earn game for the gaming community across the world,” said Ekta, Founder, and CEO of Karastar Technology Pte. Ltd. “What exactly should Karastar2.0 look like? This is the question that every project team member seeks day and night. From games to the blockchain, from gameplay to strategy, from benefit chain to ecology, from players to investors, we are committed to every big and small link. With the release of Karastar, we want to transform the paradigm of online games from X2E to X&E.”

NFT-powered games are rapidly growing in popularity with their promise of limitless entertainment and money. P2E games are attracting the online gaming community because of their huge potential, which is evident from the increasing number of players who spend substantial time playing these games. Karastar is a promising next-generation P2E game that is going to turn heads with its exclusive features and offerings.

According to Ekta, the KaraStar project will evolve over time, driven by various factors such as GameFi 2.0, Play & Earn, a healthier economic model, a complete game ecosystem, and abundant capital support. The project team is committed to enhancing and updating the game based on emerging trends and user feedback.

Game-Fi 2.0

If P2E only focused on earning and solely relied on revenue to attract players, it would end up in a death spiral. In order to retain players, teams need to focus on features and playability in a way that traditional games can truly provide enjoyment and community for the game itself, not just revenue. This is how GameFi 1.0 is evolving to 2.0.

Play & Earn

Different from the traditional game, the strategy of kara skill cards and the lineup can make more players get higher rewards in PVP and Land mode while experiencing the fun of the game.

Complete game ecosystem

The core of the Land mode is the mechanism of mutual plunder. Players can plunder the benefits of other players through their powerful karas in the land, which can promote the interaction and ecology of the whole game, enable more players to improve their karas’ ability, and increase the money consumption in the game for higher returns.

Healthier economic model

Investors at different levels can have a strong interest chain. Most of the income for small investors comes from other whales rather than the income given by the project party, which can avoid selling pressure to a great extent.

KaraStar provides a unique platform that transforms the playtime of gamers into a wonderful and valuable source of income. Providing forthright yet engaging gameplay that combines free-to-play and play-to-earn models, KaraStar harnesses NFT technology through item ownership and the creation of real-world value via in-game items.

“KaraStar is designed to excite the online gaming community by offering challenging combat, smarter tasks, intricate strategy, and a deep progression system,” remarks Ekta. “The comprehensive level design, interesting missions, epic characters, and unique NFT-based reward system are some of the features that will differentiate KaraStar from the ever-growing number of P2E games.”

KaraStar leverages the latest features from blockchain and NFT technology to offer the best integration of entertainment and economic benefits ensuring a unique gaming experience. KaraStar is being released as a cross-platform game that is available on Windows, Google Play and Apple App Store.

KaraStar announced that the fund for its investment project with IDG, Kucoin, and circle is now in place. The fund is dedicated to improving product experiences for users and providing long-term, sustainable services. Meanwhile, KaraStar will continue to explore the creation of a gamefi2.0-based user ecosystem, and develop more innovative products.

About Karastar Technology Pte. Ltd

Karastar Technology Pte. Ltd is a Singapore-based blockchain game company that develops blockchain-based metaverse games and GameFi games that enable anyone to own their digital identity and game assets. They have a strong market presence in India, Brazil, Europe, and other regions. The company has a first-rate professional team that includes former senior game development engineers from Zynga, ROBLOX, and other companies, veteran blockchain industry experts with 10 years of experience, and Wall Street mathematical actuaries. The company’s goal is to create a truly inclusive metaverse for all to enjoy.

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