Wang Peng, CMO of SeeleN Addresses on ‘Collaboration and Co-Building in the First Year of SeeleN Ecology’

March 14 12:32 2022

Recently, Wang Peng, CMO of SeeleN has addressed on the ‘Collaboration and Co-Building in the First Year of SeeleN Ecology’. Many blockchain projects aiming at public chain construction or underlying support are inclined to build an ecology around the project after completing technical accumulation, and SeeleN is one of them. The following is Wang’s answering to some questions related to SeeleN.

This year SeeleN will start the ecological construction, what are the preparations for this?

Wang Peng: Before this year, we have been doing technology-related accumulation and successfully announced the mainnet launch at the end of 2021. At present, there are enough users and liquidity in the mainnet, so we can officially start the ecological construction.

What convenience does SeeleN’s mainnet provide for users and developers?

Wang Peng: SeeleN’s mainnet uses the POS consensus mechanism, which is undoubtedly beneficial for users allowing for its low fees and high-speed confirmation. The EVM compatibility and convenient API mechanism can reduce lots of development costs for developers.

What are the overall plans for SeeleN ecology in 2022?

Wang Peng: We will build a community-initiated collaborative autonomous ecology based on the SeeleN public chain called SeeleN DAO. SeeleN DAO will incubate high-quality projects in all fields, including metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DEFI, energy, etc. The development, construction and governance of the ecology will be governed by the whole ecological participants. In the future, I will also be a member of SeeleN DAO as an ecological participant.

Regarding the ecosystem-building, what measures will SeeleN DAO take this year?

Wang Peng: We will provide support for ecological development in four aspects: technology, facilities, funding and market. Technically, I just mentioned we have a very good mainnet. In terms of infrastructure, we have completed the construction of ecological wallet and decentralized exchange. In the ecosystem-building phase, we will provide financial support for developers and will also promote our ecology globally. To this end, our global eco-expansion team will soon be established, consisting of elites from eco-communities across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. The team will be dedicated to advancing SeeleN DAO’s global eco-expansion and scouting for seminal talents and projects around the globe.

Can you give us more information about the financial support?

Wang Peng: SeeleN Community Super Node will set up a SeeleN Turbo Fund to help ecological projects to integrate into the SeeleN ecosystem faster and better through research and promotion of technology, product innovation, standards setting and funding support.

What projects are currently in the pipeline for SeeleN DAO’s ecological construction?

Wang Peng: SeeleN DAO’s ecological construction in 2022 will be expanded in the fields of NFT, blockchain games, energy, finance, culture and entertainment, DAO concept, where projects are being laid out.

Can you give us some examples or provide some more specific information about the projects in these fields?

Wang Peng: For example, 2021 is a big year for blockchain games, but there are not many games managing to realize long-term operation. Meanwhile, the developments of some game-platform projects are slower than people expected. The game platform under SeeleN DAO is committed to solving the pain points of blockchain games by establishing a mechanism, which will not only help game developers to streamline the process of developing, testing and launching games, but also help players to overcome the barrier to entry for blockchain games. Eventually, we will gradually build a game ecology benefiting multiple parties including players, games and communities.

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