Top 3 Safest and Fastest VPN Services for Zoom in 2021

October 05 20:05 2021

The past year has shown a significant increase in demand for the video and communication platform Zoom. This is amid the restrictions in face-to-face interactions. Through Zoom, people are able to stay connected and continue on with work or school meetings even from afar. However, with a lot of security issues surrounding the app, users are now looking for ways to safely access the app without risking their online privacy.

A Virtual Private Network service or a VPN do just that.

How a VPN secures Zoom meetings

To put it simply, a VPN secures a user’s internet traffic by encrypting everything that is sent through its server. This process then keeps private information such as passwords and other personal details hidden from someone else, even from the internet service provider (ISP). In addition to that, A VPN also masks a user’s real IP address so there will be little to no chance of getting their accounts hacked. And so, with the user’s traffic and identity concealed, he or she can conduct Zoom meetings without having to risk their online privacy.

In addition to that, in regions where Zoom is blocked, a VPN can help users bypass the restrictions simply by connecting their devices to a virtual server.

Top 3 safest and fastest VPN services for Zoom

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is powered by its top-notch military-grade security system that keeps users’ identities and online activities private. It also has strategically distributed virtual servers in over a hundred countries that can help users from heavily censored countries access Zoom safely and anonymously.

To know more, you may visit their website.

2. TunnelBear

This user-friendly app makes it possible for everyone, even beginners, to stay protected online, hassle-free. When connected, TunnelBear works quietly in the background, protecting the user with its AES 256-bit encryption. Additionally, users are given access to nearly 50 countries worldwide, allowing them to stay connected to loved ones from across the world through safe Zoom meetings.

You may follow this link for a virtual tour of the app.

3. GoingVPN

Although free, GoingVPN offers high-speed and unlimited service that allows users to enter Zoom meetings with convenience. Furthermore, this free VPN also has a military-grade security feature that protects its users from getting tracked and more than a hundred servers in 30+ locations around the globe to help in internet restrictions with a click of a button.

You may click here for more information.

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