FULLER – The capital’s latest favourite approaches the Indian market

February 01 23:33 2021


In 2021, Fuller will enter the Indian market as a world-famous service provider for charging banks. Reports from Industry and Finance said that especially in this moment of global epidemics, it is a pleasant new to capital investment in the internet marketplace. The market turnover in the world share economy in 2020 was roughly US$1 trillion, however, according to incomplete estimates, More than 70 per cent annual growth rate. The consumers purchasing market alone has crossed hundreds of billions. Shared charging schemes are omnipotent in highways, shopping centres and restaurants in the major cities of the world such as New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Beijing. By scanning the code, you can rent the power bank and charge it effectively.


Shared Power Bank’s future and prospects

Since the 1978 proposal to share the economy by Marcus Felson, professor of sociology at Texas State University. Two primary factors, space, and the relationship has constrained sharing. In the one side, space is limited to the exchange of information or objects, but on the other hand, it involves a confidential arrangement between the two parties. Different virtual societies and BBS appeared until 2021 with the introduction of Internet Web 2.0. due to that, Users can exchange their views and knowledge in cyberspace with aliens. However, it is not physical and there’s no monetary reward most of the time. When several physical sharing sites such as Uber and Airbnb appeared, sharing started to evolve from a true free sharing and sharing of information to the primary aim of receiving a profit by 2010. It is hard to function and make long profits for motorcycles, umbrella, and car-sharing. In the contrast, the power-sharing bank, which was not optimistic at first, is the primary user of the shared economy. But now it is the main beneficiary of the sharing economy.    


Sharing power Bank Profit Model

Currently, the global share economy’s long-term growth is not straightforward. To expand the world shared economy, it must balance the needs of all sharing economic members, which demands more information. For example, if the supply scale is broad enough, shares will be dependent on what must be used but not held. But first, the distribution scale must be addressed to improve customer behaviour. Fuller Power Bank adopts the model C2B2C to allow investment consumers to buy the C2B2C, followed by a global launch of the Charger. Finally, it is paid for by consumers. By digitally acquiring users worldwide, display equipment for each region is introduced, along with continuous investment from advertisers, making Fuller the most popular example of a shared economy economic model. Device charging plays an increasingly important role in modern society with the continued popularity of smartphones all around the world. Although the features of cell phones are growing, smartphones typically do not have enough battery power. Sales share banks have a favourable sales income ratio due to its expense, service life and regular use. As the digital social economy grows exponentially and mobile expansion progresses, the shared power bank will become a landmark for the modern age of global finance.

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