Align Remotely Launches Eponymous Book For Remote Managers

January 04 08:13 2021
The book helps managers and teams get things done faster, when entire companies are working from home.

Traditional company culture has always posed many challenges such as disconnected employees, inter-department squabbles, and much more. With the addition of remote work, companies have been facing an increasing number of employees that are feeling disengaged.

In a bid to put an end to this, Align Remotely has announced the launch of its eponymous book for remote managers of distributed teams. The book will cater to managers and teams by helping them get things done faster, in the events when entire companies are working remotely. The Kindle version of Align Remotely will be available for free between January 4th and 5th on Amazon.

The book author, Lukasz has managed or participated in remote only knowledge work teams for almost a decade. “I wrote the book I wish I could have read, when I first started managing remote teams years ago,” said Lukasz Szyrmer, CEO and author of Align Remotely. “Rather than just seeing lockdown as an uncomfortable phase to endure, now is a great time to reposition your company to thrive thanks to what remote makes possible.” As per Luke, just upgrading to a hipster desk or configuring Zoom well is not going to cut it anymore when it comes to helping a team achieve the goals they are held accountable for.

Align Remotely, the remote facilitation company, helps firms optimize their transition to remote work across all industries, based on years of remote leadership experience. Unlike other remote consultancies, it builds on years of remote leadership experience in leading small and medium enterprises to more growth and productivity.

The Align Remotely Book, at its core, will help managers find out how to organize their team’s work, to help them become super-productive, and have an operational heartbeat to guide efforts in real-time. The book aims to provide managers insights on getting the most productivity from their existing team, which is a major pain point for many team leads.

The book will source from Luke’s personal and professional experience, wherein he has led teams building software, running sales and marketing, while also being able to launch a bestselling book; all over the last 9 years. Remotely. Most recently, Lukasz led a program of approximately 30 distributed teams across 13 time zones and 8 locations.

Launching on 4th January 2021, the book will also focus on assisting companies take advantage of new possibilities around remote work, such as completing work in parallel to speed up progress towards outcomes, which have been used by companies like Auttomatic or GitHub to drive exponential growth.

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